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After the opening, the first 7 minutes and 17 seconds,NBA 2K17 coins Mills sent a fine pass, Aldridge hit a jumper. 9 minutes and 46 seconds, Mills appeared passing mistakes, steals by Elnan Gomez. 10 minutes and 59 seconds, Courtney - Lee and Anderson shot foul, give the Spurs a free throw opportunity.

Knicks to strengthen the defense, this section of the team completed a total of 5 steals. Spurs soared three points, the team this vote 10 three-pointers, but hit only 20.00%. Knicks this section of the poor state, mistakes up to 9 times. The first section of the war, this section is scheduled to 21-18, the Spurs temporarily lead.

Sub-section back, the first 4 minutes and 49 seconds, Bertens in the Boer Jenis shooting foul, give the Knicks 2 free throws. 6 minutes and buyNBA 2K17 48 seconds, Hernan Gomez hand slip the ball, was Leonard steals. 7 minutes, in Parker's assists, Leonard dominated the dunk scored 2 points. Halftime, the Spurs to 48-42 temporarily lead.
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