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In the first quarter of the game, Drummond only NBA 2K17 played 4 minutes because of 2 fouls off the rest, but the Raptors did not account for how cheap, in the Drozzan single 10 points under the guidance of them to obtain 27-25 lead.

The second section of the Pistons played 7-0 offensive, in one fell swoop to score overtake for 32-27. But the Pistons in the 37-32 after the lead, they fall into the blacksmith stage for 9 shots, the Raptors took the opportunity to respond to a wave of 10-0 offensive, the score go-ahead to 42-37.

Maurice jump shot after the attack, but the Raptors offensive continues, in this section 2 minutes and 39 seconds left, Carroll outsideNBA 2K17 mt hit three points, they have opened the score to 51-39. But the Raptors are also ups and downs, they remain in the rest of this section can not score, the Pistons at the end of the halftime to chase the score 45-51.
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