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Kamas is very important in DOFUS Touch, no matter from power leveling, professions training or weapons buying, kamas is the basic currency circulating in the game market. As players know, when they are in low levels, it will be hard for them to make money fast. Here I will offer some useful tips to make Dofus Touch Kamas fast on low level in World of Twelve.

Professions for fast farming in World of Twelve. With so many professions in DOFUS Touch, some professions can bring profit to players at very short time, some for long run profits. While for players at low levels in DOFUS Touch, it's better to choose gathering to start; they can really bring kamas to players very fast. And farming is very profitable, which always drops really well and can make players a good amount of kamas when they sell it in the shop.

When players are low level, then gathering will be there best choice. For Players can make cheap Dofus Touch Kamas by part crafting and part gathering.

When players do quests, or killing monsters, there will be always something drop there. Any item that's not gray is worth something to someone. Selling loot to vendors is not recommended, for it will only let players earn less, while auctioning these items will maximize players profit and then make much Dofus Touch Kamas.

In DOFUS Touch, players should make full use of marketplace there. Buying items at a low investment and then sell it for a high price to make the price difference, by this way, players can avoid the boring farming. But the weakness is players have to wait until the items price rise. What's more, as there are so many items in the game, what items are worth spending time and money to invest? On, experts have listed some worthy investment items there, players can just have a further reading there.

Hope the above tips will make some sense for you. If you have no time to farm the Dofus Touch Kamas by yourself, you can just buy Dofus Touch Kamas from our website. Cheap and legit Dofus Touch Kamas is full stock and hot sale in our website. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the 24*7 live chat.
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