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My fingers are still crossed for a screenshot of Reggie Miller with the Indiana Pacers. There's still a little over two months remaining before NBA 2K17 is released, Buy NBA 2K17 MT but with the NBA draft in the rear view mirror, it's not too early to speculate on the ratings for the top rookies in the game. Ratings czar Mike Stauffer is the man in charge of ratings for NBA 2K, and he does a great job with his formula. Even if you don't agree with his ratings, there's at least some rationale provided if you can get his attention on Twitter.Cheap NBA 2K17 MT Coins When the official ratings drop for the seven players featured in this article, we'll see how close I can come with my predictions. Some might consider an 85 overall a little high for a guy who didn't even lead his team to the NCAA Tournament, but Ben Simmons is a special talent. At 6'10 he can handle and pass like a guard, but he rebounds like a power forward. NBA 2K17 MT Coins As a freshman, Simmons averaged 19. 2 points, 11. 8 rebounds and 4. 8 assists per game. He had a true shooting percentage of 60 percent, an effective shooting percentage of 56. 1 and he shot 75. 2 percent on shots at the rim. He's not yet a three-point shooter, but he's already skilled enough to make a major impact as a rookie. Don't be surprised if his rating is up around 87 or 88 by the time the season ends.
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