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Equal inspiration came from the name itself. Guadalupe said, "We worked on the color the watch is dark burgundy like the color of ray ban outlet uk wine; on the case back we put green sapphire glass like the bottle; it's going to come in a box like a case of wine. There are some other touches linked to the wine world. I think that's interesting because Kobe also likes wine. He's passionate about wine."A couple of years ago Bryant began to transition from the Black Mamba to Vino, a nickname a copywriter friend of his came up with because the pal said Bryant kept getting better and better with time. Bryant draws a correlation between creating a watch and winemaking."If you look at it, it's all about a process," he said, speaking at a press conference at the winery. "In making wine there is a certain process that goes along with it. There's a certain attention to detail that you have to have a certain patience that you have to have, which is the same as watchmaking; which is also the same thing as how I've built my game especially now to live up to being Vino there's a lot of football shirts little things that I have to pay attention to. it's a very patient process."The setting couldn't have been more perfect: a glorious warm and sunny day with vineyards and flowers in the background. The setting connected both to the burgundy-colored watch's namesake and inspiration, but also the star's childhood spent in Italy and Hublot's surrounding Vaudois countryside dotted with wineries. This wasn't Guadalupe's first time at the private winery."I went there last summer," he told us. "Kamal [Hotchandani, Haute Living publisher] introduced me to the place, and I said "Wow." We wanted something very intimate. I said to myself, "That's the right place to do this event linked between Kobe, the Vino watches and the wine."Bryant was equally impressed and told Haute Living, "I'll be back."In addition to receiving his two watches, Bryant was on hand for an "Art of Blending" session and gourmet wine-paired luncheon in toms sko salg the estate's private dining room.
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