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The amount of cheaters is relatively low. But any cheater is too much. There are three kind of incarnated scum.

1. Disconnector

2. Advanced disconnected: Not only they disconnect themselves without getting a loss, no they will make your PC disconnect from the servers so YOU will get a LOSS. Most of the time this happens when you’re in front as they are so shit at this game and can only win by some cheap trick. These happen quite rarely but still does happen. Just lost to one of theses this WL, the first time in some months. By the way, welcome to our site for fifa coins cheapest, we are the best.

3. 99 OVR: Basically they use a program to boost all of their players to 97-99. Played once (as far as I noticed) against one of these fuckers in divisions and was wondering how his Alessandrini was banging such ridiculous long shots. Checked after the game and he was 99 OVR… The worst part: I reported him. On Origin and even opened a case where provided pictures. Blocked him so I have never play him again. And then I was just checking the WL leaderboard. The same fucker I played, reported (with evidence) is N. 25 on the overall Leaderboard. This means, EA doesn’t care at all. I feel for the honest players who is missing out because of this piece of shit and EA will reward him…

On top of that the qualification for the WL are absurd. You need to win 18/25(>70%) of the games while the console players only need to win 18/40(42%) of their games to automatically qualify tor the next weeks WL. Seems like lazy programming to me...

This shouldn’t be a witch hunt, so I cropped out the full ID (Top 100 Leaderboards are accessible for everyone) but even if EA don’t seem to care at all. This is a plea to EA: We PC players are your customers as well. We pay the same price for the same game so we want to have the same experience as well. I want to be the reason if I lose the game, not some douche who decides to open a program. Most of the things are preventable or easy to fix. You have literally a list of players with 4000+ games, 6Mil match earnings and not a single draw. Would it be too much for you to investigate them and then realize that these are not real players but some bots who ruin the game? You don’t even have to do it by yourself, we will report them but you still decide to let them be and draw a veil of silence over it. We users can't do more than reporting them, we could vote with our wallet but then you would decide that Fifa on PC would not be profitable anymore. We are not second class customer. You are earning MILLIONS of real life money from UT alone, get your head out of your ass!
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