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Students besides studying should travel a lot. Travelling is a very important part of life of every student. After visiting interesting places they always get many ideas for their best essay. One of such interesting places students should to visit is Spanish Seville. It is one of Spain's most vibrant cities. Students can find there a lot of new experiences, learning something new and as bright as the city of memories. There are many nice places.

At first, they should visit Alcazar Palace. It is one of those buildings that identify the face of the country: without exaggeration. It is one of the most famous attractions in Spain. Another interesting place is Cathedral. It really special building because it is the largest Gothic cathedral and the Roman Catholic cathedral, built on the basis of a Muslim mosque.

Also students must see Landmark called Metropol Parasol what means “urban umbrella”. It is something unusual with modern architecture. Another nice place is Spain Square. After it they can visit the most famous symbol of Seville Herald Tower and the residence of the city administration Town Hall.

One more symbol of Seville is Gold Tower known as the Cathedral. It was built in 1220, during the time of Moorish rule in Spain.
Students also can find there nice parks, churches and interesting places. They will enjoy this city.
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