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FIFA 17 market crash is the sudden and significant downturn of player and consumable prices on the FUT Transfer Market, over a short period of time. Historically there have been market crashes in FUT that have caused player prices to more than halve in value overnight. While this trend is becoming less observed, player prices will now gradually lose value over several days / weeks, very occasionally 25-50% a day!

A FIFA 17 market crash occurs due to anything that changes the supply or demand for a player or consumable. Just like a real-world economy, the FIFA 17 transfer market operates on these forces. Demand remaining the same, when an items supply increases, the price drops as players continuously undercut one another. Supply remaining equal, when an items demand decreases, it results in greater supply and the same process occurs.

When it comes to market crashes in FUT, EA are very keen to keep the process gradual. If player prices lose 50% in value overnight then that will result in a lot of annoyed players, whom potential could stop playing the game. Managing the market is a very delicate process for EA. The market is managed by the release of new informs and offers (if they want prices to increase then lower quality informs and offers are released, which results in fewer pack openings). Although player prices drop over the course of a year, just like a real-world economy,EA ensure periods of growth to keep players happy. This opens up a lot of opportunities to make fifa coins. If you want to know more about how to make fifa coins, you can visit our website.
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