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Today I will introduce Harry Kane whose FIFA 16 rating was 82. And we predict that his FIFA 17 rating can be 85.

FIFA did their best to be level-headed and not hop aboard the hype train too soon with Kane and hand him a top-tier ranking on a silver platter after his breakout campaign in 2014-15. They gave him an 82 and told him to earn it last season. By the way, if you need cheap fifa 17 coins, our site is your best choice.

Earn it he did. Kane followed up that 2014-15 in which he had 21 goals in just 28 starts in the Premier League with 25 goals while starting all 38 matches for 2nd placed Tottenham. Suffice to say he’s here to stay.

That goal tally is so impressive considering that he started the season with one goal in the first weeks of the season. He caught fire and stayed hot for Tottenham who steamed towards the top of the league.

Unfortunately after playing all 38 league matches, Kane may have had a burnout. The entire team crashed at the end of the season, somehow finding a way to finish below Arsenal on the last day, then Kane underwhelmed mightily at the Euros.

Spurs have made signings to accentuate Kane and give depth to the first team. Kane is still the main man but he should be able to take a game or two off here and there to keep his legs fresh.

The 85 rating feels fair for Kane, the only way you climb the ladder in FIFA is through years of excellent form and that’s his next virtual challenge.
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